Company Profile
Ocean Dynamics USA has expanded into state of the art design and engineering using the latest and most advanced CAD system technology Ocean Dynamics USA will manufacture products designed to OEM and custom specifications for individual and production projects. We have an In-house engineering staff, prototyping, technical support, state of the art AUTOCAD technology and In-house tool and die shop.
Dock side services Special field engineers and experienced crack-teams available for field projects, world wide.

Tooling & Pattern Design Lueon, plywood, Balsawood, Fiber form, Aluminum, Iron, Template design for mold and pattern construction. Heat-form fabrication high heat recalculating industrial vertical oven.
Manufacturing Facility 10,000 sq. feet, main line plant, Miami Florida.
Manufacturing and Machine Equipment
Welding Aluminum/steel MIG/TIG
Bending/stretch forming Computer automated digital precession, multi - form stretch former. Di-Arco hydro- bender automated bending.
Cutting Pistorios/Multiplex hydraulic cut- off saw
Bandsaw Vertical, heavy duty, metal/wood
Drilling 4 spdl, vari speed 2-1/2 x 5, #5MT spindle. 5' x 15"
Milling "under construction"
Turning "under construction"
Grinding Phneomatic, variable and orbital concentric, Varnigett 3db brush, high polish rinse wheels.
Stamping Punch press automatic/manual
Heat Forming Forming high heat esculating industrial vertical oven
Prep Finishing Three stage high heat jet wash R1 & R2 BS jet bath, 5,000 gal capacity, P.C. prep, etching, rinse, and seal, zinc chromate, primer, sand blasting, sanding.
Plant Crane Overhead 10-ton, 45'-6" span top running bridge
Mechanical Fabrication Phneomatic rivet, bolt, clamp, T-weld, glazing
Finishing Mill, Powdercoating, electrostatic paint, anodized, BD or color, high polish/brush CV
Packing Plywood, custom crating/Cartoning for common carrier and export, freight Forwarding support, and referrals

Ocean Dynamics USA - 18377 N.E. 4th Court, Miami, Florida 33179 Tel: 305-770-1800
At Ocean Dynamics USA you will find the finest examples of high quality windows, windshields, radius windshields, doors and a complete line of accessories including marine extrusions, vinyls, gaskets and other hardware related products offered to the marine industry.

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