Trim Rings
Trim rings are available in a variety of sizes and thickness. They are also available in many leg depths. Trim rings (or finish rings as they are sometimes referred to ) provide for a finished interior look. In the heavy duty line of windows, interior finish rings and/or aesthetics are usually not a high priority for large ocean going vessels.

Therefore, the self-finishing, through bolted backing plate is sufficient for these applications. Upon request additional finish rings can be custom made for the heavy duty line of windows.

When ordering trim rings, the depth of the legs and wall thickness in critical to insure proper fitting and alignment. Spigot wall thickness commonly ranges from 1/16" to ¼", (1/8" standard). The legs usually range from 3/8" to 2", (1" standard). Unlike bolt or clamp-on windows, trim ring mounting holes are drilled off-point from the holes in the window frames, allowing the finishing screws to be driven from both sides of the cabin wall. These holes are commonly sized for #8 screws. If the requested application calls for through-bolt type windows, the holes are drilled on-point ( in-line) with the holes of the window frame.

Ocean Dynamics USA manufactures screens that are constructed of marine aluminum extrusion for added strength and longevity. The framing can be finished in the same finishes available as the windows. The screen mesh is available in black and gray.

In two track sliding windows, the screens are commonly installed in the outside track adjacent (AFT) to the forward (stationary) glass. Since both the screen and the fixed glass are in the same track, the screen cannot slide. In three track sliding windows, the screen is usually installed in its own independent track, allowing it to slide freely.

Locks / Knobs
Lock system (A-400) :
Ocean Dynamics USA has designed a very unique and practical type locking system for sliding windows. Unlike other standard sliding windows, our lock system offers a strong spring loaded, 3 pc., interlocking unit which safely secures the sliding lite to the vertical frame post. See accessory page for additional information

Knob pulls (H-714):
Depending on the height and weight of the sliding glass lite, knob pulls can be ordered and installed in a "hands friendly" area of the window, providing for better leverage when sliding an over sized glass lite.

Before you select a finish understand why aluminum is the most desired metal for most marine window fabrication…. Why aluminum? More and more boat owners are having to replace the inferior windows on their boats with aluminum windows. Aluminum has a number of advantages over more costly materials such as Stainless steel or brass. It allows greater flexibility in design and requires less maintenance. For these reasons it is the most popular metal for manufacturing marine windows.

Although bare untreated aluminum has a relatively good corrosion resistance, it is not recommended for a marine environment. To improve their corrosion resistance and enhance appearance, aluminum windows are available in the following options:, ( see chart below)

AWIGRIP tm. Polyurethane

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