Ocean Dynamics U.S.A can only manufacture to your specifications. To provide correct fit on custom work, it is critical for you to provide specific and accurate information. We require a template be provided. Plywood and cardboard are suggested. The template should fit the window opening exactly, or indicate the overall opening perimeter. All provided templates should be clearly marked with position on the vessel, window type requested, orientation (aft, forward, upper or lower, etc.), overall or cut-out dimensions, placement of mullions, vents and sliding elements, glass type and finishing. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. An accurate draft may be substituted if it is labeled and dimensioned correctly. See ordering information.
Due to the individual characteristics of custom fabricated products, Ocean Dynamics U.S.A requires a 50% deposit at time of order. The balance of payment will be due upon delivery (C.O.D.) paid by secured funds. Unless prior arrangements are made, Ocean Dynamics U.S.A. will ship your product the most cost-efficient way, depending on size and weight. All freight is F.O.B. our plant, and the customer is responsible for delivery and freight costs.

Your custom fabrication will require three to four weeks for delivery. Ocean Dynamics U.S.A. will provide an accurate schedule along with our cost quotation.

New customers, or customers not having established credit with Ocean Dynamics U.S.A., will be shipped on a C.O.D. basis. Customers with open accounts will be invoiced on a net 30-day basis. Advanced deposits may be requested. Approval on receipt shipments must be cleared through Ocean Dynamics U.S.A. prior to shipping. To apply for an open account, please request and return our credit application.

Ocean Dynamics U.S.A. will design, develop and tool new products for our customer's special needs and specifications. We will require dies, molds, fixtures, templates, etc. to be tooled. Costs for prototyping and tooling will be charged where applicable, and of course, depend on the complexity of the product.

Prior to returning any product to Ocean Dynamics U.S.A. you must first obtain a Return Authorization. This applies to both repairs or replacements. You must return the product in exactly the same condition as when it was received.

Limited Warranty affects the customer’s rights and obligations. Contact Ocean Dynamics prior to purchasing to address all terms, conditions and warranties available. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing the customer acknowledges that his rights are limited to the terms, conditions and warranties set forth in Ocean Dynamics documents.

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At Ocean Dynamics USA you will find the finest examples of high quality windows, windshields, radius windshields, doors and a complete line of accessories including marine extrusions, vinyls, gaskets and other hardware related products offered to the marine industry.

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