1000 series

Fixed windows are used in many types of applications ranging from the small/midsize recreational and offshore workboats, to the heavy commercial and military vessels. These windows are available in standard , medium, heavy duty, and can have either mitered or radius corners. The 1000 series fixed windows are waterproof and meet CG/ISO12216 testing specifications.

The radius or mitered corner welded frame window, insures for a strong and water-proof fixed window, designed to withstand rough sea going conditions. Glazing from 1/8’’ to ¼’’ in most common applications and 3/8’’ to ½’’ in more demanding marine environments, insure a very high breaking strength . The seamless welded frames are designed for exterior mounting ( outside-in) with screw-through holes provided in the 1’’ flange. Matching interior trim-rings are available in many defferent sizes. ( customer should specify bulk-head limitations to insure correct width and/or leg size of rim-ring). For the heavy duty line of windows , a more modest , self-finishing, bolt on trim ring cmes standard as a part of the basic window structure.

Dock side services

Special field engineers and experienced crack-teams available for field projects, world wide.

Manufacturing Facility

10,000 sq. feet, main line plant, Miami Florida.

Glazing for 1000 & 2000 series

The 1000 and 2000 series windows are designed for glazing up to ½’’ thick. However the most common thickness of glass in standard windows is 3/16’’ – ¼’’. For larger ocean going vessels 3/8’’ or thicker is appropriate. The standard type of glass used in these applications is « tempered glass ». As an additional safety option, this glass is available in « tempered liminated glass) which offers the strength of tempered glass combined with the safety liminated feature. Other options include regular Laminted safety glass ( plate glass with a laminate filler), or acrylite ( a highgrade acrylic). With these options there are many available tints other than clear which include, Green (selexà, Bronze, Gray ,Or dark Gray. For additional information regarding these options, please refer to Glazing in our fabrication guide.

Screens( optional in 2 Track style)

A screen be mounted with a fixed glass in the outside track of the 2 track window. The screen may be removed for cleaning or screen fabric replacement.


For recess mounting windows in a thick bulkhead , the frames may be provided without the1’’ mounting flange. Screws are then driven laterally or T-bolt are inserted through the frame and bulkhead from inside the track channels.


Windows : All insert type flush mounted windows are designed to be installed on flat to surfaces only. The mounting holes are drilled and counter –sunk into the flange prior to finishing process. The holes are commonly sized for #8 screws and are spaced anywhere from 4’’-8’’ apart. Unlike bolt or clamp-on windows, trim ring mounting holes are drilled off-point from the holes in the window frames, allowing the finishing screws to be driven from both side of the cabin wall. These holes are also commonly sized for #8 screws. If the requested application calls for through-bolt type windows, the holes are drilled on-point (in-line) with the holes of the window frame.

Curved or arced windows

In some applications , windows are designed to conform with the contour or arc in a bulk-head. Hese contours vary from slight to moderate which may require stretch-forming the extrusion to conform with the corresponding contour. Depending on the type of window and countour, custom tooling and dies ay be required.