V450 V450 – Giant Glazing Channel
V456 V456 – FLAT DECK SEAL – Used on the bottom of plexiglass windshields where there is no aluminum frame. For a windshield which is mounted on a flat deck.
V460 V460 – LARGE BULB –
Used as a bumper or weather seal.
V461 V461 – SMALL BULB –
Used as a weather seal.
V470 V470 – RIGID VINYL WEDGE – Used in combination with V452 glazing wedge around a window where the extra holding power is required. It is stiff and strong and can be used anywhere V452 is used. Color is black.
V471 V471 – COVER – Used to cover the top wiring opening in A348 open top/hinge. Color is black.
V472 V472 – COVER – Used to cover the top wiring opening in A305 open topchannel. Color is black.
V473 V473 – TRACK GLIDE – Used as a sliding surface for glass or plexiglass in the bottom of A355 bottom sliding glass track. Color is gray.
V474 V474 – SCREW – Used to hide the screws or bolts.
V481 V481 – 1″ x 1/16″ FOAM TAPE –
Has adhesive on one side.
F485 F485 – WOOL PILE – Used for sliding glass tracks to prevent rattling and chipping of the glass.
H703 H703 – SINGLE WING LATCHE – Used as a door latch on walk-thru windshields. Black nylon.
H708 H708 – LOOP LATCH – Used to latch closed the windows on opening type windshield.
H713 H713 – ADJUSTING HOUSING – Used on windshield braces or arms for walk-thru windshields, See H820. Black nylon.
H714 H714 – KNOB – Special all nylon adjuster knob (1/4-20 inside threadused on H860-6 thru H830-14. Black nylon.
H719 H719 – SPACER – 1/4″ high white nylon spacer for 1/4″ or smaller screws. This is the standard spacer for the fisherman series of windshields, or venturi mounted flying bridge windshields.
H722 H722 – GROMMET – Special grommet for putting a bolt or screw through a hole drilled in plexiglass. Prevents metal from touching plexiglass. For 1/4″ or smaller bolts or screws. White nylon.
H723 H723 – RUBBER BUMPER – 1″ diameter by 1″ long rubber bumper.
H726 H726 – CAM LATCH – Used on hatches to dog them tight. Heavy duty black nylon.
H727 H727 – LATCH HOOK – Used on hatches, also good for any other place a strong hook is necessary. Stainless Steel.