2000 series

Hinged and Openng insert windows gives clear visibility and flow-through vantilation which enhances the application of this style window. The opening hinge locks into the frame, yet allowing simple removal of vents for cleaning. Our watertight seals are also replaced when frayed or worn out. The 2000 series windows come standard with heavy duty adjusting arms. Dual adjuster arms lock and secure the vent when open or closed. When closed these opening windows are watertight. Dual rotary locking rings firmly seat the vent to the frame forming a water tight seat when closed . These windows are mainly used for deckhouses, brifges, and staterooms.

Dock side services

Special field engineers and experienced crack-teams available for field projects, world wide.

Manufacturing Facility

10,000 sq. feet, main line plant, Miami Florida.

Radused windows : 1000 & 2000 series

The standard size radius is 3’’ in most of our standard and medium duty series windows. In applications where trim rigs are requested , the radius used is 3/4’’ . The openning or hinged style windows (2000series) uses an external hinge which is welded to the frame and the opening vent.This external hinge allows the vent to open to an angle of 180 degrees. Heavy duty adjuster arms allow for large opening vents for increased air flow. However, opening vents should not exceed 26’’ in height or 48’’ in width to prevent excessive fatigue on the adjuster arms.

Glazing for 3000 series

The 3000 series windows are designed for glazing up to ¼’’ thick. The standard type of glass used for this application is « tempered glass » As an additional safety option, this glass is available in « tempered laminated feature. Another option is Acrylite (a high grade acrylic). Regular Laminated safety glass is not available in sliding windows. With these options there ar many available tints other than clear which include, Green (solex), Bronze, Gray , or dark Gray . For additional information regarding these options, please refer to Glass tints and option chart .

Sliding windows also require additional components which are a part of the glazing system. These components include our V-473 track glide, F-485 Wool pile, H-714 Knob/glass pull, A -400 Lock systel, H-722 Grommet, and the V-480 Foam tape.
For additional information regarding these components , please refer to Accessory page.