Curved Glass

Bent Glass
Full Service Glass Provider
Compound Curved Glass

Ocean Dynamics can custom engineer compound curved windows for your vessel. From the simplest to the most complex compound curves and contours, we can manufacture exactly what you need.

If your old glass has broken, we can replace it with a new one in glass or acrylic! To learn more about this please click here

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  • Used on powerboats, pleasure crafts, sailboats & commercial ships
  • Provides protection, privacy and resists breakage
  • Available in conical, cylindrical, and irregular forms
  • Excellent optical quality and free of distortion
  • Complies with British Standards
  • ISO Standards 3903 and 5779

Windows Windshields & Doors

Ocean Dynamics USA will manufacture products designed to OEM and custom specifications for individual and production projects.

Manufacturing Facility

10,000 sq. feet, main line plant, Miami Florida.

Full Service Glass Provider

Ocean Dynamics is your full service provider of bent laminated and bent insulating glasses. Ocean Dynamics specializes in simple and complex bending.

Bent Glass

  • Available in many sizes, shapes and colors
  • Sharp-angle bends up to 90 degrees, radius up to 180 degrees,multiple radii, double to triple reverse bends and other compound bends
  • Clear, tinted bronze, gray, green or blue glasses

Bent Laminated Glass

  • Available in a variety of colors, with no effect the clarity
  • Constructed by bonding two or more layers of bent glass with one or more layers
  • Complex shapes for use in architectural and automotive applications
  • Conforms to all major industry standards