Sliding Windows

Sliding windows 3000 series

Siding windows are commonly used in the commercial and recreational industry. They are ideal for tour vessels and inland ferries in salon, bulkhhead , and wheelhouse applications. These windows provide maximum ventilation when open,and become weathertight when closed. Heavy duty self locking, lock systems provide for a strong secure close in the locked position. Specially located flip locks mounted on the inside sill secures the sliders in the open position. These windows are also available with optional screens and interior finish rings. Also see screens and trim rings in our fabrication guide for additional information.

Our two track Vertical sliding windows have the same characteristics and options as our Horizontal sliding windows. They are commomly found in doors or in wheel-house applications.

Dock side services

Special field engineers and experienced crack-teams available for field projects, world wide.

Manufacturing Facility

10,000 sq. feet, main line plant, Miami Florida.

Three track (3300)

For applications requiring a third track to contain an independently sliding screen or a third glass lite, we also offer a three track extrusion (3300). These windows are commonly used on large motor yachts for large cabin or salon side windows . They can only be used in applications where the bulkhead is greater than 2 inches in thickness and is also available with optional screens and interior finish rings.

Glazing for 3000 series

The 3000 series windows are designed for glazing up to ¼’’ thick. The standard type of glass used for this application is « tempered glass » As an additional safety option, this glass is available in « tempered laminated feature. Another option is Acrylite (a high grade acrylic). Regular Laminated safety glass is not available in sliding windows. With these options there ar many available tints other than clear which include, Green (solex), Bronze, Gray , or dark Gray . For additional information regarding these options, please refer to Glass tints and option chart .

Sliding windows also require additional components which are a part of the glazing system. These components include our V-473 track glide, F-485 Wool pile, H-714 Knob/glass pull, A -400 Lock systel, H-722 Grommet, and the V-480 Foam tape.
For additional information regarding these components , please refer to Accessory page.